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    Hi Guys
    It is some time since I programmed.
    Sorry I have forgotten how to write
    the code to print to paper
    let us say just print Textbox1.text

    Can you remind me.
    Thanks... Phlippy

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    Re: Printing

    I find it very hard to believe that you used to know how to print in VB.NET and have forgotten. I'd say that it's more likely that you never knew and just don't want to search to find out. I've done the searching for you.

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    Re: Printing

    But a heads up with printing. what jmcillhinney didnt mention is that you have to manually draw every single shape, text, and basically anything you want translating into ink on the paper.

    there is no simple class that you tell to print these words and a table and its done.........

    if this is some kind of project then you need to look into the link that jmcilhinney gave and more, if its not i really recommend using a 3rd party software to save time. something like word or excel.......

    if this is a specialized print you need, maybe a sales receipt or something official then dive right in , but put aside some time to do it properly and to practice....

    i personally go to 3rd part apps for the simple reason that they do what i want in a fraction of the time.
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