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Thread: counting rows of an msaccess database table

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    counting rows of an msaccess database table

    I am trying to summaries daily attendance table (tblTimeLog) to create Monthly attendance data (tblMonthRecord) where through query; Fields like Overtime, Late, Number of days Present are calculated. There is a column named Holiday_In where Sunday Entries were recorded. Now I also like to count the number of sundays worked. But It is not working. Everytime I got only zeros.

    Query is:

    SELECT  First(tblTimeLog.[LogDate]) AS FirstDay, tblTimeLog.NAME, Sum(CDate([OT])) AS Sum_OT, Sum(CDate([LATE])) AS Sum_LATE, Sum(CDate([E_ARRIVAL])) AS Sum_E_ARRIVAL, Sum(CDate([L_DEPT])) AS Sum_L_DEPT, Sum(CDate([L_IN])) AS Sum_L_IN, Sum(CDate([E_DEPT])) AS Sum_E_DEPT, Count(tblTimeLog.[LogDate]) AS DayCount, tblTimeLog.EM_ID,  Count(tblTimeLog.HOLIDAY_IN) AS NumberOfSundays
    FROM tblTimeLog
    WHERE (((tblTimeLog.OT)>"0") AND ((tblTimeLog.LATE)>"0"))
    GROUP BY tblTimeLog.NAME, tblTimeLog.EM_ID

    tblTimeLog Data Sample:

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    Hope some body will fine me with the solution thank you..

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    Re: counting rows of an msaccess database table

    What are the field types of tblTimeLog.OT and tblTimeLog.LATE ?
    Are they datetime or String?
    Maybe the "Where" Condition is not working properly because you must to convert that fields before comparing

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