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Thread: [vb6] Resource Image Viewer/Extraction

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    [vb6] Resource Image Viewer/Extraction

    A tool I developed to help with another project I'm working on. The tool worked well and decided to pretty it up and share it.

    This is similar to your typical resource-hacker, but limited in scope to only resource images: icons, cursors, bitmaps, animated icons/cursors. You can view those that are contained in a binary (dll, exe, ocx, etc) and also contained in VB resource files (.res). Additionally, you can open a disk icon/cursor file for review.

    There is an option to simulate DPI. This could be useful when you are viewing your own resource file and would like to see what your icons/cursors/bitmaps may look like if you declare your application DPI-aware.

    The tool allows you to extract the viewed images to file. For icons/cursors that contain multiple images, you can individually select which are to be extracted and change the order they will appear in within the extracted file.

    Also there is a filter option for image width, bit depth and whether icons/cursors include/exclude PNG-encoded images.

    Tip: At top of the form, there is a m_AllowSubclassing boolean. Set this to false if you plan on walking through any code; otherwise, leave it to true. The subclassing occurs on three things:

    1) The form itself to restrict minimal resizing
    2,3) The picturebox and scrollbar to trap mouse wheel scrolling messages

    Without the subclassing active, you can't use the mouse wheel for scrolling. The picturebox is coded for standard keyboard navigation.

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