Hello all,
I'm looking for help with legacy VB projects. When I say help, I want to make it clear that it would paid help for a fair hourly rate, open to discussion.

The main project I would be seeking assistance on is a VB4 (yes 4) application that needs to be maintained over the long haul. It was originally written in the 90s and has been maintained by my client and his programmer all these years; at this point the programmer is looking to retire and the owner is looking for someone to take over the maintenance and implementation of new features of the application. There are some new features the client is wanting to implement over the coming months.

The application has to do with monitoring physiological processes of animals (heartrate, respiration, temperature, etc.). The owner is a developer / manufacturer of equipment that serves that purpose, and the application is the software that works with this equipment. The owner's primary clientele is medical schools where this equipment is used for research with animals, and recently a modified version of the original software is being used for veterinarians and veterinary hospitals. It would be a great plus if you had some background in software that works with similar equipment, such as in the medical field. In any case, a strong scientific / mathematical background would be desired.

As far as the setup of the application itself is concerned, it will be staying in VB4 until further notice - no plans to upgrade it to 5, 6, or .NET. The application does not use database access, it is file-based using binary and random files. It uses a lot of old-school graphics techniques. The best bet for working on this would be to have a dedicated laptop running XP with VB4 installed. (Note: VB4 Pro is available freely, and I have it if you can't find it.)

So this is the main application I am seeking help on. If things were to work out, there a number of other legacy applications (VB6) that I could use a hand with as well. But I want to focus on this one right now.

If you are interested please respond here or PM me.