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    Visual Basic Point of Sale Application Keyboard advice

    Hi Everyone,

    I have designed a very powerful Point of sale application and it works great apart from sometimes when it loads it does not set focus to the application (It loads in full screen mode) so when you press the A key (to sign onto the system) nothing happens

    so My question is how do I lock the Keyboard inputs to my PoS application only (or is there a way I can FORCE my PoS app to have focus all the time (as windows explorer is not loaded as I use a customer start up program)

    I appreciate any input you all may have


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    Re: Visual Basic Point of Sale Application Keyboard advice

    Forcing the application to take focus when it starts up should be easy enough, i.e. call Activate in the Shown event handler. That said, I'm not sure why it wouldn't take focus automatically. Regardless, ensuring that your application doesn't lose focus is another matter and not something that I am aware of how to achieve. If I wanted to find out, I'd search the web for information on how to create a "kiosk application", which is the term usually used to refer to an application that is the only interface to a system, e.g. ATM software.
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