Not sure this is the right forum but I don't see one specifically for VS problems.

OK, so here my problem:

I like to keep all my projects in the one folder. When I start a new one I expect it to be saved in that folder.

In VS2017 >Tools > Projects and Solutions > Locations.
I have the following options entered:

Projects location:
D:\Visual Studio 2017\Projects

User project templates location:
D:\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Basic

User item templates location:
D:\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ItemTemplates\Visual Basic

When I start a new project I'd expect to find it in those three Folders, well actually I only look in the first one... Projects location: D:\Visual Studio 2017\Projects. Since I'm starting this thread, obviously it's Not !

When I search for, in this case, a new project called 'A Server', I only find reference to it in the following locations: -
C:\Users\Poppa\AppData\Local\Temporary Projects
C:\Users\Poppa\AppData\Local\Temporary Projects\.vs
C:\Users\Poppa\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Backup Files
C:\Users\Poppa\source\repos\A Server
C:\Users\Poppa\source\repos\A Server\.vs

What's the point of having an optional location if it's going to be completely ignored ?

Windows 10.
i7 CPU.
Huge HDD. (only 40% used)