Hello I am working on a project with several types of media mediums. such as desktop, server, laptop, set top box, video games console, arcade machines, tablet, smart phone, android phone and also iPhone, even. so then I am looking for my projects to work on other native computer operating systems, such as OSX, etc for the present day and also for the most part of the future, as we know it, even. then I had a copy once of mactivex.exe, which is a visual-less exe files, that works to create activex controls and runtimes for visual studio apps on a osx apple mac typed computer system machine, then here is what I am looking to do here, even. then when the project had been completed I will then be able to have apple mac and also other hardware like that to work with my apps, even. this is the only way that I am able to get my point across to the whole world that if you make a cool project on a mpc, then you will still be able to project it to the world, using a uniform typed medium that is able to cross the balance between apple and then mpc computer system machines. however I had a trial version of the file, then which had expired long ago, even. then it's now up to me to find it again, so that I am able to finish my life's work of making visual studio apps, to work on apple macs and then to have them to use the programs that mpc programmers work with, even.

I am asking for the members reading this, to post the link or even the file of the mactivex.exe file and then it must still be an active link and still broadcasting to the internet. because I have found many closed websites advertising that it had it for a free download, and then they have been taken down not so very well, in deed they have, even.

!! Thanks in advance !!