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    Variable truncating when passing filenames processed into variable

    I am calling the vbscript below from an FTP application that looks for files and moves them. I am passing into a vb variable the filenames as they are being processed by the task. Then print the variable in an email. when I try to print that variable in an email it is getting truncated around 8220 bytes.

    Basically as the files are transferred the file names (myOnlyName) are stored in to variable myOnlyNames. myOnlyNames is passed to the email in application to be displayed. myOrigName(s) is another variable that we can use to remove filename extension, but that isn't relevant to this is task.

    Dim myDelim
    Dim myOrigNames
    Dim myOrigName
    dim myOnlyName
    dim myOnlyNames
    Dim myFileCounttmp
    myDelim = vbcrlf
    myOrigName = MIMacro("[OrigName]")
    myOnlyName = MIMacro("[OnlyName]")
    myOrigNames = Trim(MIGetTaskParam("OrigNames"))
    myOnlyNames = Trim(MIGetTaskParam("OnlyNames"))
    myFileCounttmp = MIGetTaskParam("FileCount")
    if myOrigNames = "" then
      MISetTaskParam "OrigNames", myOrigName
      MISetTaskParam "FileCount", myFileCounttmp + 1
      MISetTaskParam "OrigNames", myOrigNames & myDelim & myOrigName
      MISetTaskParam "FileCount", myFileCounttmp + 1
    end if
    if myOnlyNames = "" then
      MISetTaskParam "Onlynames", myonlyName
      MISetTaskParam "OnlyNames", myOnlyNames & myDelim & myOnlyName
    end if
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