This error is happening, when I start the application, on Windows 7 (x64) PC (not used for programming)

It is happening to 5 of my applications. For example one is a tiny VB6(sp6) test program, using no OCX .
It had been working on any platform. Its only dependency is stdole2.tlb .

I used IcoFx to create an icon using True Colors (24 bits).
I took my tiny NoOCX VB6 program and added a True Colors (24 bits) icon to the main form. (Form Properties - Icon)
I also opened the Project Properties - Make - Application and selected the main form for the icon.

When running on the host PC, the icon appears in the title bar of the form and the icon for the .exe file.

I hope a solution arrived at here can be applied to my primary applications, one of which has icons on some buttons.