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    Half of desktop shortcuts disappeared! Creators update? or what?

    Just about two hours ago, I happened to bring up my desktop in order to double-click on the VB6 Icon and resume programming, when I saw that more than half of the icons (shortcuts) on the desktop had disappeared!!!
    Some icons were still there (for example the FireFox icon and the Google Chrome icon and some other ones) but the VB6 icon as well as some other ones were gone.
    I checked the recycle bin to see if I had inadvertently and unknowingly deleted them, but they were not in the recycle bin either!!!
    The applications have not been deleted or uninstalled. Just the shortcuts are gone.
    I don't know why this has happened but I know that my computer upgraded to "Creators update" a week ago, and since then, this (disappearing icons) is the second surprise that I have received.

    By the way, as I said, I first noticed this problem about two hours ago (right now it is 2:24 AM Sunday Sep. 03, 2017, and when I noticed the problem, it was a few minutes after midnight). I am wondering if this has something to do with midnight? I mean whatever deleted those shortcuts, did it delete them right at midnight?

    I just went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98 and created a shortcut for VB6.exe and placed it on the desktop, but I am not going to do the same thing to other applications whose shortcuts have disappeared for now, because first off I need to understand why this has happened.
    Is it because of the Creators update?
    Is this a virus?
    Or what?

    Does anybody have an idea as to why this has happened?
    Please advise.

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    Re: Half of desktop shortcuts disappeared! Creators update? or what?

    I've installed the Creators Update on numerous PCs and haven't seen such behaviour, nor have I heard of anyone else seeing the same thing. That doesn't mean that it wasn't related to the CU but it's not something that's all that common if it is.

    The first thing I'd do is check the two desktop folders (common and personal) to see whether it was the case that all those shortcuts that disappeared went from the same one.
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    Re: Half of desktop shortcuts disappeared! Creators update? or what?

    I've seen the case whereby the OS gets 'confused' about a personal profile and creates another, empty, one. Thus all the shortcuts etc that were in the original aren't displayed any more - as they're not in the newly created one. This has happened since XP times and I don't think its anything to do with the CU. If you look under folder Users and see more than one profile for the same user then this is the problem you're encountered. Just copy back the stuff from the original profile to the new one.
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    Re: Half of desktop shortcuts disappeared! Creators update? or what?


    A shot in the dark here in the event that jmc's and 2kaud's suggestions don't do the trick ..

    How many monitors do you have?
    Could it be that the missing shortcuts' x-pos was somehow reset such that they are now "off screen"?


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