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Thread: vbrichclient5.dll examples

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    Question vbrichclient5.dll examples

    hi. very interested to find out where to go to see active discussions on using vbrichclient5.dll.
    I have see some posted here but wondered if there was something like planetsourcecode
    where users etc can upload code examples of how to do stuff.

    I know there is http://www.vbrichclient.com/#/en/About/ but dont see any easy to follow
    code examples. ie step by step.

    I have searched the internet and only real resource is this site.
    many thanks in advance.


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    Re: vbrichclient5.dll examples

    Unfortunately there is no dedicated vbRichClient5 forum anywhere as far as I am aware...There are various demos available at the vbRichClient5 site (as you've mentioned).

    There are also a bunch of demos and code examples here in the forum. I've posted a couple, and the vbRichClient5 creator (Olaf Schmidt) has posted a lot of them himself. Here's a some of mine:



    If you search Google for "site:vbforums.com vbrichclient5 demo" then you should find a bunch of results.

    If you are looking for step-by-step examples, maybe some of us vbRichClient5 users could create some for you. What kind of examples are you looking for?

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    Re: vbrichclient5.dll examples

    Thread moved to main VB6 forum. I'm not sure where this belongs really but Code Bank is definitely not it.
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