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Thread: [VB6] 2D Physic Engine

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    [VB6] 2D Physic Engine

    VB6 port of 2D Impulse Engine
    by Randy Gaul:
    and Philip Diffenderfer:

    + (Experimental) Joints by the Author

    Author: Roberto Mior (aka reexre,miorsoft)
    Contibutors: yet none.

    Never found a VB6 implementation of a simple 2D physic engine. So I come to a VB6 version starting from
    Randy Gaul 2D impulse engine (and Philip Diffenderfer java port).

    I also added other things such as
    • +Joints (Not so perfect, look for someone to suggest better implementation)
    • +Collision Groups (To make some objects not collide with every objects)
    • +collsions callback events
    • +Polygon Chamfer

    This is the old thread of this project , Since it works quite well I decided to put it in the CodeBank session.
    Now instead of a number of modules I compacted them to 1 class and 1 module.

    Suggestions and improvements are wellcome !

    * vbRichClient (for Render) http://vbrichclient.com/#/en/About/

    LICENSE: BSD. (https://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-2-Clause)

    Copyright 2017 by Roberto Mior (Aka reexre,miorsoft)

    Github Page


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