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    Question Making save/save and scroll bar work with tabcontrol

    I'm making like a type of thing where you can have multiple tabs and you can save/save as also with scroll bars for the texts.
    But, I looked for a code and I couldn't find one.

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    Re: Making save/save and scroll bar work with tabcontrol

    Use a menustrip for the save and save as. See the Using Dialogs page in my website (link to my site in my signature).
    The tabpage has an autoscroll property. Just drop a multiline textbox in a tabpage at design time, and set the size of the textbox...

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    Re: Making save/save and scroll bar work with tabcontrol

    I haven't looked at .paul.'s examples but you may also like to check this out:


    You'll notice that it refers to some menu items, so it's up to you to do as .paul. suggested and add a MenuStrip with the appropriate ToolStripMenuItems.

    That code also has a single field for the file path. If you have multiple TabPages then you may want to use a List(Of String) to store multiple file paths by index or perhaps a Dictionary(Of TabPage, String) to store them by TabPage.
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