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    Angry Candle Stick Chart in VB

    I have a candle stick chart, name is CANDLE
    and datagridview for data, name is HesapsonDataGridView
    series of chart; open, high, low, close

    I arrange everything in chart properties like collection.

    That is the code:

    Me.CANDLE.Series("open").Points.AddXY("CANDLE", HesapsonDataGridView.Rows(60).Cells(1).Value)
    Me.CANDLE.Series("high").Points.AddXY("CANDLE", HesapsonDataGridView.Rows(60).Cells(2).Value)
    Me.CANDLE.Series("low").Points.AddXY("CANDLE", HesapsonDataGridView.Rows(60).Cells(3).Value)
    Me.CANDLE.Series("close").Points.AddXY("CANDLE", HesapsonDataGridView.Rows(60).Cells(4).Value)

    But I can't draw the candle stick, need help. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Candle Stick Chart in VB

    What exactly are the values of those grid cells?
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    Re: Candle Stick Chart in VB

    Here is the exact values of the grids. Friend, I have 120 rows like those. In my code I wrote only one. At the picture, I have send ten of 120. Thanks a lot for your interest.

    Name:  candle.jpeg
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    Re: Candle Stick Chart in VB

    According to the documentation here, each data point in the series has 4 Y values in the order "high, low, open and close, respectively". So your code should look more like:
    Dim someXvalue As Integer = 60 ' for example
    Dim open As Double = CDbl(HesapsonDataGridView.Rows(60).Cells(1).Value)
    Dim high As Double = CDbl(HesapsonDataGridView.Rows(60).Cells(2).Value)
    Dim low As Double = CDbl(HesapsonDataGridView.Rows(60).Cells(3).Value)
    Dim close As Double = CDbl(HesapsonDataGridView.Rows(60).Cells(4).Value)
    CANDLE.Series(0).Points.AddXY(someXvalue, high, low, open, close)

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