Hi im making a file management program (mainly for images) and ultimately i would like to have it available in the right click context menu in explorer so that the user can select multiple files , right click and have the list of files sent to my program. Rather like you would do if you were zipping up multiple file for winzip.

There been quite a few times in the past ive wanted to do this and ive never managed to find any solid info or examples on the best way to do this in a modern .net program. All the threads ive ever managed to uncover on the subject in the past were pre .net, very vague and ive never been able to implement them into the application i was working at the time. Almost all for the discussions ive ever dug up on the subject are over 10 years old and im not sure if i should be trying to use these old methods or if there is a better way to get the job done in a modern Visual basic .net framework. I did manage to find 1 example a couple of months ago that came with a sample project but my visual studio 2015 just crashed really hard when i tried to run it with no real indication of what was causing the error. Now i cant even seem to find that example again to have another look at it.

The most promising discussion i ever found mentioned using sockets (which isn't anything im familiar with) but even that was many years old and there was never any real conclusion to the thread and im still not sure if this is the route i should be taking. So can anyone help me with this problem? Ive managed to achieve every functionality i have thought up with my current app and it would really be awesome to finally crack this last problem once and for all.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info.