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    Question about FourCCs and ICOpen function

    According to https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/lib...(v=vs.85).aspx there are 3 fields to ICOpen, the first of which requires an "type" FourCC to tell it what type of compressor (audio or video) is being requested for opening. If it's video, it must have the FourCC "VIDC" according to MSDN, but MSDN never tells the proper way to convert this string to a number. Notice that the FourCCs in ICOpen require a 4byte integer for input, not a four character string. So there's 2 possible ways to convert the string "VIDC" to an integer.

    Treat the string in memory as if it is an integer. The leftmost character corresponds to the least significant byte of the integer. For "VIDC", this corresponds to the integer 0x43444956

    Treat the string as if it is a number being displayed, with the leftmost character corresponding to the most significant byte of the value. For "VIDC", this corresponds to the integer 0x56494443

    I'm not sure which way is the correct way to convert a string to a FourCC. I want to do it right, so I don't crash my program when it tries to execute ICOpen, as in VB6, any time you encounter an API error, the entire VB6 IDE crashes. Normally, if I was just working with pure VB functions, I'd just try both ways, to see which worked, but I'm working with API functions here and I don't want to crash the IDE.

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    Re: Question about FourCCs and ICOpen function

    I'd never heard of FourCCs or ICOpen but after web search and 30 seconds I was looking at an answer to your question. This thread is C# code rather than VB6 but it does show the right way to convert four characters to a 32-bit number in this context.
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    Re: Question about FourCCs and ICOpen function

    Quote Originally Posted by Ben321 View Post
    ... any time you encounter an API error, the entire VB6 IDE crashes.
    You may be thinking of subclassing, callbacks, etc. Most API calls don't causes crashes.

    In any case Microsoft documents the format: FOURCC Codes. The values are 32-bit unsigned integers and thus can fit into a VB6 Long.

    Here is a Form wrapped around a FourCC calculation function:

    Option Explicit
    Private Declare Sub GetMem4 Lib "msvbvm60" (ByVal Addr As Long, ByRef RetVal As Long)
    Private Function FourCC(ByVal FourCCText As String) As Long
        FourCCText = StrConv(UCase$(FourCCText), vbFromUnicode)
        GetMem4 StrPtr(FourCCText), FourCC
    End Function
    Private Sub cmdCopy_Click()
        With Clipboard
            .SetText lblHex.Caption, vbCFText
        End With
    End Sub
    Private Sub txtFourCC_Change()
        With txtFourCC
            cmdCopy.Enabled = Len(.Text) = 4
            If cmdCopy.Enabled Then
                .Text = UCase$(.Text)
                .SelStart = 4
                lblHex.Caption = "&H" _
                               & Right$(String$(7, "0") & Hex$(FourCC(.Text)), 8)
                lblHex.Caption = vbNullString
            End If
        End With
    End Sub
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    Calling it a "calculator" is a little grandiose, but you get the idea.
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