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Thread: Create an Instaler for a Solution - Advice Needed

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    Create an Instaler for a Solution - Advice Needed

    My personal project is almost done. So I have been thinking about creating a installer for my application. It would need to be able to support a small data file as well. The installer would allow me to install the program and data in chosen locations.

    I am new to and have never done this before. I have experimented with the Visual Studio deployment, but it is very basic.

    Any advice, web links, documentation, tools, etc. are welcome
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    Re: Create an Instaler for a Solution - Advice Needed

    This question has nothing to do with VB.NET specifically. This site has a forum dedicated to application deployment and that is where such questions belong. I have asked the mods to move this thread.
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    Re: Create an Instaler for a Solution - Advice Needed

    Thread moved to Application Deployment
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