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Thread: [VB6] Manifest Creator II

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    [VB6] Manifest Creator II

    This is the second version of this application. The previous version will no longer be maintained.

    If you landed here looking for information on SxS (side-by-side) manifests, recommend jumping to here as a start.

    The project simply creates application-manifests that can be written to disk, clipboard, or VB resource files. The project includes a default/dummy manifest with all known options, as of this date. You would select whichever manifest options you want to include and modify those option values as needed. If you wish to view or replace an existing manifest file, you can import it into the project via the clipboard, disk, or VB resource file. The tool will attempt to parse VB vbp project files and create a new manifest, filling in the Identity element from that file.

    The major reasons for revision are several
    - Previous version was create only. This version can also edit existing manifests.
    - Use Microsoft XML in the background to create and modify the XML
    - Use XML stylesheets to help transform the manifest based on export options
    - More intuitive design and more modular to assist with future updates by you or me
    - Will no longer ignore hand-jammed manifests within VB resource files, i.e., #24 custom entries
    - Offers ability to update unrecognized (future) manifest entries imported from elsewhere

    The manifest is designed to make use of XML qualified names, internally, and is the default mode. However, when exporting the manifest, you can opt to convert to traditional name spaces if you choose.

    Caveat: Not 100% of the manifest options available have been fully tested. Some options can't be tested by me because I don't have the system(s) to perform the desired tests. However, all the options should be technically correct and in accordance with the Microsoft schema for application manifests.

    Comments, bug reports, and suggested enhancements are always welcomed.

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    Update History
    9 Apr 17: Realigned questionable elements to their correct namespace 
    10 Apr 17: Fixed error noted in post #4 below
    13 Apr 17: Fixed new-found error & added minor enhancement. See post #9 below
    15 Apr 17: Optional update. See post #11 below
    26 Apr 17: Added support to allow editing Assembly Manifests. See post #12 below
    29 Apr 17: Optional update. See post #13
    16 May 17: Padding bytes of Chr(0) prevented Win10 from applying manifest. See post #14 below
    20 Jul 17: A few minor changes plus a couple minor enhancements. See post #21 below
    24 Oct 17: Handles UTF8 BOM in imported manifests to prevent MSXML2 from rejecting manifest
    25 Oct 17: Found bug when toggling TrustInfo name space. See post #41
    2 Sep 19: Added forceFocusBasedMouseWheel option
    7 Dec 19: Added activeCodePage & heapType options
              options having comma-delimited values can now have those values in specified order
              fixed 2 options that were defaulted to the wrong namespace
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