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    Wink Math Formula or equation


    Im developping a manufacturing software, one of the requirements is to produce a report for required raw materials which in this scenario happend to be metal bars available in different length.

    The system must apply all components length e.g.

    2 @ 1240 mm of item XYZ
    1 @ 1090 mm of item ABC
    3 @ 2098 mm of item XYZ
    8 @ 320 mm of item XYZ

    now XYZ can be sourced in various lenghts e.g. 4800 mm and 6000 mm and 6800 mm Length

    i need an algorithm to determine how many XYZ is required, in the most efficent bar length to order to minimize off cuts wastage.

    Hope this makes sens the way i explained, and any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Math Formula or equation

    this sounds like a well known Problem:

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