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Thread: Same Access.accdb acts different on different machines

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    Same Access.accdb acts different on different machines

    I have Access 2010 on one machine, 2016 on the other, the same accdb.accdb database.

    Machine 1:

    Win7pro; 64. On the 2016 Access machine I open the db and can edit all tables, all forms are non-erred, etc. I have linked tables to a db I can edit fine in either machine, in the source db (but not in the accdb.accdb db). Both machines, apparently, have all the same security to allow everyone to full control, read write (as a test), so the Access 2016 machine is acting normal.

    My dilemma is this:

    Machine 2:

    Win7 home, sp1; 64; On the 2010 machine, same accdb.accdb, linked tables open as "read only" (but nothing is set to read only anywhere in the system, and it errors only when I try to write to the tables manually or by VBA) when it is the same set up on both machines, trusted locations the same, total permissions for everyone at system level, logged in as The Administrator.

    Yet the same database file gives me read-only errors in machine-Access-2010. But I can edit in the source db, but not in accdb.accdb that links those tables from the editable source. They use linked tables from a network path which seems to be identical in permissions on both machines, and the accdb.accdb file is an exact copy.

    Both machines are identical as far as I have investigated, other than Access 2010 and 2016.

    Anyone know what is causing this?

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    Re: Same Access.accdb acts different on different machines

    When you created the accdb file, was it in 2016?
    Possibly there is a slight file format difference between them.
    I havent used 2016, so cannot advise, however, previoius experience was that there might be a backwards compatible flag when creating, probably extends to 2010/2007.
    2010 can on read only the newer format... That would be my guess.

    You could try creating a front end/back end in 2010 and try opening it in 2016 to see if it still works or has a similar problem, or (hopefully not) fixes for 2016 and breaks for 2010...

    post up what happens

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    Re: Same Access.accdb acts different on different machines

    Good point; but it did not help, but I may try the other direction too save in 2010, open in 2016. But I may investigate if there is a flag like this via the VBA and maybe it is not read only, but this one is getting obsessive. And I have time for now, but this is probably a single issue which takes a few days to find. But it is all going 2016 which is the version which works so it will be doable one way or another. It acts as if the linked tables db's are locked when they are not open (no error box, but it stays uneditable), but I may try to open them first and see what happens.

    It probably is some backward sent flag that 2010 cannot interpret. Thank you for the idea.

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