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Thread: Movement within a datagridview

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    Movement within a datagridview

    i have a datagridview which contains data from the database
    say the datagridview has the following rows:
    Abc 123
    Abc 231
    Ccc 313
    cdc 321
    ddd ceq etc.

    now when the user presses c he should be taken to the 3rd row.
    when he cd he should be taken to the 4th row.

    i do not want to use the textbox as the datagridview contains more than 400 records and it has about 5 cols. which need to be filled up before saving and hence i cant re - populate the datagridview from the database.

    i hope i have make myself clear and could explain what the need is.

    thanks in advance.
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    Re: Movement within a datagridview

    You really should have the user type the search text into a TextBox. The number of records is irrelevant to that. You should query the database to populate a DataTable, bind that to a BindingSource and bind that to the grid. You can then handle the TextChanged event of the TextBox and do this: Code:
    1. myBindingSource.Position = myBindingSource.Find("Column Name Here", myTextBox.Text)
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