I am a HS student, looking to do some part time freelancing. As far as how advance my work is that is up to you to decide, but I am comfortable with just about anything - if you ask.

My rate is reasonable - And negotiable. And I will fix and issues with the software/website at no additional cost e.g. Don't like a page color, or a button is too big, typos, etc. General issues.

I am looking for virtual oppurtunities (meaning location is irrelevant)

My Work:


Currently (completed and released) I only have 1 project but it has been going steady since June of 2015 - Which is a browser project.

Web Programming



(Currently working on behind the scenes) Buckcancerfoundation


Alot of my work so far has been really small projects with the exception of lawgen which is basically a large social media platform where you can converse about issues.

My Skills are as follows:

JS (Front-end some backend)
Anything Administrating a Computer - Fix it Right $50 Flat rate plus $7.95/hour.

If you need to contact me do so Via PM Not sure if I am allowed to post my email or how to go about posting my email.


P.S. I am a open source contributer as well, most of my work has been open source
Not all of my work was listed just my top projects.
References can be given at request before hiring me.
I do not work for free - but if you have a non-profit I will gladly give my time for you.
My rate is generally going to be $250 Flat Rate Fee plus, $7.95/HR negotiable - I charge for my service not the program or any designs, those are copyrighted to you or your company - However, I reserve the right to add your website to my portfolio.

See grammar errors or spelling errors please do not hesitate to let me know, as it is very late at night!