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Thread: [Android] Testing your Speed via a Mobile App Seeking Testers, open beta

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    [Android] Testing your Speed via a Mobile App Seeking Testers, open beta


    The app tests your Browsing speed, and is apart of a larger project. Short name is SpeedTest, but the long name is Beffs SpeedTest Project. The app is now in open beta testing.

    The app is not on the app store yet, so when you install you will be asked by the Android security settings, to enable from "Unknown" sources, I appologize, but I must make sure it is almost perfect before releasing.

    You can get it from here Its a cordova application, and is hosted by phonegap.

    Updating is a breeze, I send notifications when a update is available all you do is open the app, click update, and the process is done automatically for completion the app must stay open

    Beta testers will need to redownload afterwards, but will be sent a special code (eventually) when I add in-apps and such.

    Even as a IOS user myself, I am not currently looking at releasing for IOS, its simply too expensive for me to do at this time. It is a open source project, so you wish to donate - it would be appreciated.

    Bugs should be sent either on this thread or in the support chat or on the official Github Respo).

    The Live non-mobile version is here

    IOS users are redirected to a mobile version, and Android users are redirected where they can optionially use the app instead of the mobile version.


    Tests your speed in BPS KBPS and MBPS - It has been accurately tested to around 1 GBPS, but with wifi, it was greatly reduced. Overall accuracy is about 80-90%

    A Guide is also included on all the versions - The app may not have it, really I forget, but if it don't its available when you first visit the official site.

    No ADS - I tried ads before, didn't like how they ruined my simple layout. Its meant to be usable for anyone, all ages, even a 5 year old could use it.

    Free - And open source, I will never charge for the app or service itself, but in the future I will need to support my app, so premium features will be added eventually.

    Whats my IP? - Your IP is securely shown on all platforms!

    Other Info! - I removed this feature from the App, because its obvious your configuration. IOS/other mobiles, and desktop has this feature, it shows your Langauge, OS, Browser, and browser version.


    If you have questions, let me know, the support chat is open. I am the only one who maintains the project, so it could be up to 72 hours before I see your message.

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