Hi! I created a simple function that will allow you to play multiple sounds at once using the Windows Media Player. (Using My.Computer.Audio.Play() will only allow 1 file to be played at once.) The sounds are from the application's resources folder or from your computer. To do this, you must import the WMPLib namespace. (You may need to reference Windows Media Player first.)

vb Code:
  1. Private Sub Play_WMP(ResourceName As String)
  2.         Dim SFX As New WindowsMediaPlayer()
  4.         Dim ShortPath As String = My.Resources.ResourceManager.BaseName
  5.         Dim LongPath As String = IO.Path.GetFullPath(My.Resources.ResourceManager.BaseName)
  6.         Dim FullPath As String = LongPath.Substring(0, LongPath.Length - ShortPath.Length - 10) & "Resources\"
  8.         SFX.URL = FullPath & ResourceName
  9.         SFX.controls.play()
  10.     End Sub
  12.     Private Sub Play_WMP2(FileName As String)
  13.         Dim SFX As New WindowsMediaPlayer()
  14.         SFX.URL = FileName
  15.         SFX.controls.play()
  16.     End Sub

Simply call it like this:

Play_WMP2("C:\Users\Nic\Desktop\New folder\JUMP.wav")
Thanks, and good luck coding!