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Thread: [RESOLVED] To understand button click event.

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] To understand button click event.

    I have a button and only one. I saw the code.
    Private Sub cmdSomething_Click(Index As Integer)
    Select Case Index
        Case 0
            Label1(8).Visible = True
            Label1(7).Visible = True
       Case 1
            Label1(8).Visible = False
            Label1(7).Visible = False
    When I click the button the Index is always 0, how can I let the Index is 1?

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    Re: To understand button click event.

    You have to click on cmdSomething(1).

    You have only the 1st button of a button array so it has the array index of 0.

    Since you only have one button then it's index is 0 by default. You need at least two buttons. So copy the button you have and paste it to make a second button and VB will make it cmdSomething(1). If you paste again you will get cmdSomething(2), etc etc

    This is the simplest explanation I have. Others will drop in here later and give you the full details and explain how the entire control array system works
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    Re: To understand button click event.

    Say zhshqzyc,

    Yes, OnError has explained it. This is called a Control Array, which isn't to be confused with an Array-of-Controls. An Array of Controls would be something like an object variable declared as "Dim obj(1 To 5) As Object" and then using that to "Set" a bunch of control into it.

    Whereas a Control Array is something you create at design time. In fact, every time you copy-paste a control on a form (that hasn't been previously arrayed), it attempts to create a Control Array for you with the following message:
    Name:  ControlArray.gif
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    By default, these Control Arrays start indexing at 0, just adding 1 for each new control. However, using the control's "index" property, you can index them any way you like, even skipping index values.

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