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Thread: [RESOLVED] deploying android app to mobile phone problem

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] deploying android app to mobile phone problem

    So I tried using community edition 2015 with xamarin to create a simple android web browser.
    set the compile version to 4.2, minimum target to 4.2 and target android version to 4.2.
    Then I run it to test on an emulator and it worked just fine.

    But when I copied the apk file to my mobile phone with android version 4.2.2 and installed it, it was installed just fine.
    But when I open the application, it says "Unfortunately, WebTest has stopped."

    How to solve this problem ?

    edit: [RESOLVED]

    Go to Your Android "Project Properties"in Visual Studio.
    In "Android Option" uncheck "Use Shared Runtime" from "packaging".
    It will deploy application as well run application on your device.
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