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Thread: android crud

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    android crud

    Hi, I am mostly a vb6 programmer and I have not much knowledge about vs2015. Right now I want to learn about vs2015 to create android app to do mysql CRUD, display record to textbox and display to grid. If I may ask, I am more inclined to learn first by example and to ask later on to what I have discovered. So may I ask for sample project on this creating android app doing crud to mysql database.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: android crud

    This is technically a Xamarin question, if you want to use VB .NET. I'm fairly confident I'm the only Xamarin developer on these forums. This is a much larger question than you might think.

    A post that even outlines the basics you might lack if all you've ever done is Windows Forms would be long in and of itself. If I'm frank, rather than polite, it'd look something like:
    • Learn C#. Right now. If you don't want to do this, give up, do not continue. The bulk of Android information is documented in terms of Java, and the bulk of Xamarin is documented in C#. If you have to stop to have someone convert each sample into VB for you it will take you decades to make progress.
    • Get familiar with Java. Just be able to read it. It's pretty easy if you've learned C#. Android speaks Java, and sometimes it has better documentation than Xamarin.
    • Get familiar with WPF, you can do this in VB .NET. When you can write a Windows Desktop application that does CRUD in WPF, you're ready to continue. This isn't really optional. Android uses a layout system and data binding very similar to WPF, and Xamarin Forms was implemented as a kind of clone of WPF.
    • Get familiar with Android. While Xamarin is a .NET wrapper around the Android API, it's still the Android API and you'll have to write applications in terms of how Android works.

    I'm not good at helping people "learn as they go along", I believe in a nuts and bolts approach to things. I think you should look at the Xamarin samples and play with them for a while, while also investing in some books about Android development and WPF. It also can't hurt to look at the new Windows 10 UWP framework, as it has a lot of similarities to Android.
    This answer is wrong. You should be using TableAdapter and Dictionaries instead.

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