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    Resolved [RESOLVED] VB 2015 Database doesn't keep records

    I don't need any code I don't think. My program is working great, also disclaimer before people get all weird on me this is NOT a work or school assignment. This is a program I designed for my Fiance. Okay, onward.

    I have a few form program with a database, everything works great (Add, Edit, Delete, Save). I can get all the records in the world saved, but when I end debugging I lose all the records. I want all the entered records to stay in the database, after all it is a paycheck calculator. Once I end debugging, and start debugging I want the records from the previous debug to still be there, as basically a log. You want to keep your hours and pay handy in case you don't get the correct amount owed to you, which is the inspiration to this program. It calculates paychecks to the exact cent.

    In short, how do I keep my records in the DB even after I end the debug. If you need any more clarification, I can go into a bit more detail.

    UPDATE*** Upon some searching properties I figured it out. I changed copy to output directory to Copy if Newer, it works great now and also updates Access.
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    Re: [RESOLVED] VB 2015 Database doesn't keep records

    Without seeing what you are doing, I can only guess that you are using transactions and not committing the transaction.

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