This doesn't use the official Add-ins mechanism in VB6, but it still adds a feature to the VB6 IDE that is not present in the official MS distribution of VB6. It acts as a proxy between the VB6.exe and Link.exe. To make it work, rename the Link.exe file that came with VB6 to Link2.exe. Then rename the proxy linker file from "VB6 Proxy Linker.exe" to Link.exe and put it into the same folder as Link2.exe. VB6 will execute my program when you compile from the IDE. My program analyzes the command line arguments to determine if it creating an OCX or DLL file (ActiveX Control or ActiveX DLL project), or if it is creating an EXE file (standard EXE or ActiveX EXE project). If it is creating a DLL or OCX file, my program immediately executes Link2.exe with the command line switches as-is. If it is creating a DLL file, my program pops up a dialog box. This box allows you to chose between Standard EXE and Console EXE. If you click Standard EXE or it times out (you wait longer than 5 seconds to click a button) it creates a standard exe file by executing Link2.exe with the command line as-is. If you click Console EXE, it inserts the command line switch into the existing command line needed to make a console based exe file, and then executes Link2.exe with the modified command line.

The zip file containing this VB6 add-on can be downloaded from Mediafire at this link:

Note that both the compiled EXE file and the source code are included in this zip file.