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Thread: Beta testers needed

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    Beta testers needed

    Hi All,

    I have matured my program to Beta.
    It is a network monitoring application. Below is a breakdown of the working functions and the logic I'm trying to perfect.

    Working Features

    --- System Information ---
    Full Diagnostics including..
    Basic Computer Configuration
    Active Logons
    Network information
    Active Desktops
    Session Processes
    System Processes
    Windows Services
    System Accounts
    Installed programs (MSI)
    Networked Devices (Including wireless)

    All of the above includes the running Directories and executable names along with the start up strings

    --- Security Logs ---
    Full search of the security logs with expanded definitions (Right Click Cell for definitions)
    (This feature is useful for tracking down suspicious activity)

    --- Network Activity ---
    Real Time Network Activity (Inbound and Outbound)

    --- Port Monitoring ---
    Real Time port monitoring including..
    Local Port
    Foreign Port
    Foreign IP Address
    Foreign Country
    Foreign City
    Process Attached to Port
    Process Owner
    Process Location
    Process MD5 Hash

    --- Port History ---
    Complete History of Active port usage including..
    Process attached to port
    Process Location
    Port Number
    Foreign Address
    Foreign Country
    Foreign City
    Date and Time of the connection
    Export history to CSV File

    (Right Click Cell) Available options using the History Panel are..
    Block/Unblock IP
    Block/Unblock Country
    Whois Look up for IP using the 5 major regions

    Not yet functional

    Black/White List Process

    Anyway if you would like to be a part of the Beta, please click the link in my Sig and send me an email using the <about> in the program and I'll send you an unlock Key. All of my software is signed and certified so there will be no windows pop-up nags.
    The documentation will be included in the program Help menu. I'm still working on the Documentation.

    The initial install is a bit time consuming. I download the whole IP Database(about 40MB) and add it to the app database. Once it's installed it should run rather quick. Also, there is no lag to any running programs as this app runs below normal.

    The best way to test it besides playing around with it is to let it run in the background and do it's thing. It should capture all traffic including advertisers from web browsers.

    The <Right Click> on certain forms and fields may be an issue with some testers. I have received mixed feedback regarding that. I'm working on making that more user friendly.

    Anyway, any and all criticism would be greatly appreciated.


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    Lo And Behold
    This is my first Microsoft App Submission
    Your opinion of it would be appreciated

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