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Thread: Computer creates a music.

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    Computer creates a music.

    Hi everyone!
    In addition to programming i create music. I love 8-bit music that was in old console like NES or computers like ZX-Spectrum.
    Long ago i was doing the virtual composer program that creates 8-bit music, but didn't finish it. I even published the links to the demo tracks (here and here). Now i've finished it also i've added the my synthesizers into it and the presets banks. This program is written in VB6.
    Of course it isn't really music (due to "buggy" algorithm that i had created long ago when i can't created a music and I badly programmed), but you can "play" with them. Sometimes it create quite not-bad tracks .
    In order to create new track you should think up the track name and set them to Name field. If this field is empty it is filled with random number. Considering the name program creates new track (it calculates hash value that uses as seed of the random generator), i.e. the name of the track identifies the track. Tempo field sets the music tempo. Right click on the track - open the synthesizer properties. You can change parameters to change sound. Left click on a pattern - show pattern. I don't implement any errors handlers therefore you shouldn't enter "bad" values (like 0 for tempo) because program can crashes.
    Program also can hangs (due to "buggy" algorithm) when you create track.
    Have fun!
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