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Thread: Advice on GPS mapping app

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    Advice on GPS mapping app

    Hi All (been a while)

    I have been asked to look into developing an application that will allow and administrator to map out a large factory floor.
    In essence they want something like Google maps where the user can see where they are and add tags to certain locations. The problem of course is that these mapping apps google/bing don't show interiors.

    All i really need to so is to draw an outline of the factory floor on a map and add these tags but I have never touched on this subject before.

    Has anyone done anything similar and if so can you give me any tips before I dive into this?



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    Re: Advice on GPS mapping app

    Are you wanting it to look similar to Google/Bing maps or do you want it to look more like a blueprinted version of the building? Either way, I think that the easiest way to handle this would be to create various regions for your various rooms. This will allow you to add tags to the regions so when the use hovers over the region, information can appear.

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    Re: Advice on GPS mapping app

    Personally, I'd use a scaled drawing with a (0,0) location. Each location would be a 'real world' coordinate from the (0,0) location - for example, meters, feet, cubits in the X and Y location (you can also have a Z location).

    The map, when rendered, would be rendered at N pixels per meter. Using the same scale, you can plot your locations.
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