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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Get Data From USB Port

    How can I get the data (a number) from a USB port that connected to a sensor with Rs485 to USB converter.
    I want get that number to a variable.
    Please help I have a project that I should finish it soon.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Get Data From USB Port

    These devices aren't "converters" at all, but instead they are RS-232, RS-485, etc. adapters that just happen to connect via USB instead of an ISA, PCI, or another expansion bus. So to applications they are simply plain old COMx: ports and you can nearly always treat them just like any other.

    If you are really using VB6 and you aren't a lost VB.Net user posting in the wrong forum you can just use the MSComm32.ocx for this.

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