After lot's of help from, I completed a simple Tile Based Game project. Thank you, everyone for your help (too numerous to mention). Previously I had a bunch of different accounts. This is my last account based on completing a project.

The application is ready to run. You need both zip files. 1 is the assets (*.gif images) and 2 is the sources. There is a variable at the top of frmMain called assetPath. Please be sure to update it to the correct path where you put the assets. Other than that, it is a simple project for a Tile Based game, that is a little mix between Zelda and Bard's Tale (original not enhanced version). It is not a complete game, so you need to extend it with your own effort to turn it into a working game. The graphics are GDI+ on purpose, to get a basic prototype done. If you need a pointer, then I recommend using this code and rewriting it using the latest .NET version of SFML. It is an excellent graphics library which works great with Visual Basic .NET.

Though there are no version specific requirements, I used Visual Studio 2013 Community Update 4 to put this together, but I was originally working with Visual Basic 2010.

I hope this helps a future game developer. I will not be making any updates, so feel free to hijack this thread if you want to. I do mean, anyone can take responsibility for all the code and answer questions. I want to remind you guys, that I would not have been able to put this together without all the great help here in the forums.

Thank you and good luck to other beginning game programmers.