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    Post DM Text To Exe

    This is a small program I done that can take a text file then convert it to a self displaying DOS exe file.
    Note in Windows when the exe is loaded it will flash off, so you will have to use a batch file with a pause. other than that it works fine.Tested and works well on Windows Vista.

    I will try and think of a way of how I can get a pause option in the application, soon as an option that the user can set.

    Hope you may find it us full.
    Comments welcome.

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    Re: DM Text To Exe

    Hi, from a technical point of view your project is rather interesting. However, I don't really understand its purpose. It doesn't work in 64bit versions of Windows and why use horribly outdated MS-DOS executables instead of a batch file, script, or the type command?

    As for the pause option, why? Assuming the executable is intended to run from the command line, just pipe the output to more.com.
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    Re: DM Text To Exe

    Sorry for the double post. How do I remove a reply from a thread?

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