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Thread: [RESOLVED] Diffrente pictures in a growing array

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Diffrente pictures in a growing array

    I'v come across a weird problem.
    I'm still working on my Slug(snake) game, but i'v come to yet another impass.
    My slug ofc is growing when it hits a "food" and it copyes the Snakejoint(0) to the next joints.
    Is there a way to force it to copy let's say SnakeJoint(1)?

    Snake Creation the snake starts with 3 joints and two slime trails. The slime trails we'll ignore for starters.
    For i = 0 To 3 Step (1)
        SlangeLed(i).Left = (120 - 10 * i)
        SlangeLed(i).Top = 120
    Next i

    Finding food and growing a joint
    Public Sub Findfood()
    'Adds joint after eating a food
    If SnakeJoint(0).Left = Picturefood.Left And SnakeJoint(0).Top = Picturefood.Top Then
        Load SnakeJoint(længde)
        SnakeJoint(længde).Visible = True
    wmp2.URL = "Sounds\Effects\nom.wav"
        Call Placefood
        længde = længde + 1
    'Adds points when a food is eaten
         Point1 = Point1 + 10
         point3 = point3 + Point1
         ScoreTal.Caption = point3
    End If
    End Sub
    Anything else you need from the code let me know.

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    Re: Diffrente pictures in a growing array

    After loading new control (SnakeJoint), you can then manipulate the properties, i.e.,
    Load SnakeJoint(lengde)
    Set SnakeJoint(lengde).Picture = SnakeJoint(1).Picture
    ... set other properties as needed
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    Re: Diffrente pictures in a growing array

    to make it simple for yourself,
    create all pieces when you start the program.
    with that you don't need to use "Load" or "Unload" at all.
    of course you need to have a lot of pieces or set a "max" amount of length the snake can be.
    all pieces can be assigned pictures too.

    then when you play, you only need to make the pictures visible or invisible and the .left/.top properties.

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    Re: Diffrente pictures in a growing array

    Set SnakeJoint(lengde).Picture = SnakeJoint(1).Picture
    So easy and I dittent see it.
    Can't see the forest for the trees.

    Thank you Sir, you made me a very happy homer.

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