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Thread: Vb 2008 "LIKE" not worling as I want it

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    Vb 2008 "LIKE" not worling as I want it

    I'm trying to learn VB 2008 after many years with VB6. I'm using Vb 2008 and not a more recent version as that's what I have. I'm using an Access db
    I'm writing an name & address i/p routine. To be able to quickly select an existing entry, or to avoid duplication I use the LIKE query to select matching names as keystrokes are entered.
    In VB6 this is what I've successfully used for years:-
    mySQL = "SELECT ref,last_name,first_name,post_code,home_phone,addr1,addr2,addr3 FROM addr" & _
    " WHERE last_name LIKE """ & saleaddr(0) & "*"""
    In Vb 2008 I call this routine on keyup:-
    Private Sub showAddr()
    Dim mySQL As String
    Dim i As Integer
    mySQL = "SELECT aLastName FROM address WHERE aLastName LIKE '" & aLastName.Text & "%'"
    da = New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter(mySQL, con1)
    da.Fill(ds, "Address")
    For i = 0 To ds.Tables("Address").Rows.Count - 1
    ds.Tables("Address").Rows(i).Item("aLastName") = ""
    Next i
    da.Fill(ds, "Address")
    End Sub

    This almost works but it finds duplicates of each applicable entry.
    Could anyone help please?

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    Re: Vb 2008 "LIKE" not worling as I want it

    To remove duplicates you must return distinct records, and one way for that is to use the GROUP BY clause.
    "SELECT aLastName FROM address WHERE aLastName LIKE '" & aLastName.Text & "%' GROUP BY aLastName"

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