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Thread: Problem when Insert data using OO40

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    Question Problem when Insert data using OO40


    In the Company that I work, They use OO40 Objects, I trying to insert data inside table , but return error Like
    had passing null
    See piece of code
    .    If Not bTransCancel Then
                    ' Clear the database error buffer before database operation
                    ' Add the values in the property sheet to the dynaset
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("ANO_MES_REFERENCIA_88STITNF").Value = Format(DTAnoMes_Ref, "yyyymm")
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("EST_CODIGO").Value = txtEST_CODIGO.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("REMETENTE_PFJ_CODIGO").Value = txtREMETENTE_PFJ_CODIGO.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("MDOF_CODIGO").Value = txtMDOF_CODIGO.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("SERIE_SUBSERIE").Value = txtSERIE_SUBSERIE.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("NUMERO").Value = txtNUMERO.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("DT_EMISSAO").Value = txtDT_EMISSAO.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("DT_ENTRADA").Value = CDate(Format(txtDT_ENTRADA.Text, "DD/MM/YYYY"))
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("IDF_NUM").Value = txtIDF_NUM
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("MERC_CODIGO").Value = txtMERC_CODIGO
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("CFOP_CODIGO").Value = txtCFOP_CODIGO.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("CST_CODIGO").Value = txtCST_CODIGO.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("QUANTIDADE").Value = txtQUANTIDADE.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("VL_BRUTO_PROD").Value = txtVL_BRUTO_PROD.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("VL_DESCONTO").Value = txtVL_DESCONTO.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("VL_BASE_ICMS_OP").Value = txtVL_BASE_ICMS_OP.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("ALIQ_ICMS_OP").Value = txtALIQ_ICMS_OP.Text
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("VL_BASE_ICMS_ST").Value = txtVL_BASE_ICMS_ST
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("ALIQ_ICMS_ST").Value = txtALIQ_ICMS_ST
                    mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("VL_IPI").Value = txtVL_IPI.Text
                   '  mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields(6).Value = CDate(Format(txtDT_EMISSAO.Text, "DD/MM/YYYY"))
    see error:
    SQL execution error, ORA-01400: não é possível inserir NULL em ("FISDEV"."FIS_ITEM_SINTEGRA_MG_88STITNF"."DT_EMISSAO")

    But before command mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.DbUpdate, I see in immediate window

    ? mdysINTEGRA_88STIFNF_Base.Fields("DT_EMISSAO").value

    Somebody can help me ?


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    Re: Problem when Insert data using OO40

    maybe you need to convert the string to a date as is done in the line below?
    i do my best to test code works before i post it, but sometimes am unable to do so for some reason, and usually say so if this is the case.
    Note code snippets posted are just that and do not include error handling that is required in real world applications, but avoid On Error Resume Next

    dim all variables as required as often i have done so elsewhere in my code but only posted the relevant part

    come back and mark your original post as resolved if your problem is fixed

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