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Thread: Make Server Program talk to Web Application

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    Make Server Program talk to Web Application


    Let's say I want to make a pizza tracker and an ASP.Net Web front-end for the tracker, and I want them to run on the same computer. When the local pizza shop is finished baking, preparing, or delivering the order, a computer at the shop will notify the tracker program, which will then inform the ASP.NET application so that the user gets an update in real-time. What's the best way to make the tracker talk to the Web application? I'm thinking that a TCP connection would do best. (Note to Googlers: There's also UDP, which is used when you just need connect for a few seconds to obtain one reply from the server)

    In other words:
    1) Pizza shop sends updates on progress of one's order to off-site tracker program
    2) Tracker tells ASP.Net application about the progress of the order.
    3) The orderer, who is using the Web application, sees the new progress.
    How do I make 1) and 2) happen?
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