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Thread: will my program work on other computers?

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    will my program work on other computers?

    i made a soundboard recently, and i used "My.Computer.Audio.Play" to play a sound clip when a button is pressed.
    when i looked at the .exe file, it was only about 5 Mb, while the folder i pulled the audio from is 15Mb on its own. im worried that its pulling the audio from a system path and not the .exe. i want to be able to copy the .exe and share it, but im afraid the audio won't play. is this the case? and if so, can i fix it?

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    Re: will my program work on other computers?

    If you used "My" object with hard coded media files' paths then you have to copy all media files to the other computer and put them in the same paths otherwise your application won't work. You could also make an Installer that copies all dependent files. If you just want to copy the exe file then you must add the media files to your project as a resource file and play them from there. In this case your exe size will get bigger.

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