Hello I am looking to have my BHO resized to the following dimensions of a 23inch 1080p screen, seeing that is the requirements of the system that I am looking for to run my website on their system. When I am able to run my index.htm document on my system or online, versions of it, they corrupt my video display of it and make a massive grey block of control space, in-between the BHO which is on top of it and then there is the iframe, which is underneath it, all of the document. I have been able to get a 19inch version of the document to be work fine offline and also online, too at that. But then this is really got me stumped, also that I didn't know if this is a Visual Basic problem of mine or a HTML problem of mine, seeing that it's a BHO for my website, I am not quite sure on that, but then will then be able to work by ear, as such and then the like, even.

!! Thanks in advance !!

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