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Thread: Store Datagridview in Access.

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    Store Datagridview in Access.


    I have a form that contains some Text strings (customer name, date etc.) and a Datagridview (15 columns and sometimes 100 records). I need to be able to store this information and bring it back into the form at a later date, I can think of several ways of doing this but probably not standard. I wish to use Access/

    My question is, without getting too detailed, How would others approach this problem ?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Store Datagridview in Access.

    You're looking at this the wrong way around. It's not a case of storing what's in the grid in a database. It's a case of displaying what's in the database in the grid. This is standard data access so you should approach it as such. Follow the Database FAQ link in my signature below and check out the .NET resources there. In short, use a data adapter to query the database and populate a DataTable and bind that to your grid. After modifgying the data as required, use the same data adapter to save the changes back to the database.
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