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Thread: How to get DISPID of any dll or ocx?

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    How to get DISPID of any dll or ocx?


    How to get DISPID of any dll or ocx?

    Your help will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: How to get DISPID of any dll or ocx?

    You can add the TypeLib Information reference to your project. From that, you can load typelibs from file or resource and walk thru the interfaces to find its members or use its GetMembers or GetMemberInfo functions. The members collection has a memberID which is the DispID. May want to search for examples of using that project reference. Without using that reference, APIs are available, but will not be easy to use

    Note: The DISPID is not per DLL or per OCX. It is per interface function and function parameter for interfaces that inherit from IDispatch.
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    Re: How to get DISPID of any dll or ocx?

    Perhaps the question needs more elaboration. If we knew what you need to do we might have more useful suggestions.

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    Re: How to get DISPID of any dll or ocx?

    -- I guess that he wants the CLSID of any OCX/DLL at RunTime, hey???
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