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Thread: Specify which datagridview column to put into

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    Post Specify which datagridview column to put into


    I am having some trouble with a datagridview in my program

    i am using this command to add some items to my columns in the datagridview

    datagridview1.Rows.Insert(0, .Item(0), .Item(1))
    BUT i have 10+ columns and, lets say i wanted to add something to column 4 and not 1 and 2 as i do in the code above

    I have tried this, but this just leaves the first columns blank which doesnt work for me.

    datagridview1.Rows.Insert(0, "", "", .Item(0), .Item(1))
    With that code i can put my items into column 3 and 4, but this also erases whats already in column 1 and 2

    Any help?

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    Re: Specify which datagridview column to put into

    You can insert data by cell coordinate, e.g. assuming the row already exists;

    DataGridView1.Rows(5).Cells(3).Value = "Hello"

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    Re: Specify which datagridview column to put into

    Here is one method.
    Dim row As New DataGridViewRow
    row.Cells(4).Value = "something"
    DataGridView1.Rows.Insert(0, row)

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