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Thread: Pennies for pay help

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    Pennies for pay help

    HI, i just start a vb class and i need help with a project. the project is pennies for where the pay rate will be one penny the first day and
    two pennies the second day, four pennies the third day and continuing to double each day. now i got it to work for only 3 days but when i get the 4th day it doesn't calculate any more. Can someone help me, I`ve been at it for 2 weeks and i can not figure it out, it due tomorrow and I`m driving myself crazy. here is the code:

    Private Sub bntCal_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles bntCal.Click

    Const decPenny As Decimal = 0.01

    Dim intDaysWorked As Integer
    Dim dblTotalPay As Double = 0
    Dim decLastPay As Decimal

    Integer.TryParse(txtDaysWorked.Text, intDaysWorked)
    Double.TryParse(lblTotalPay.Text, dblTotalPay)
    Decimal.TryParse(lblTotalPay.Text, decLastPay)

    If (intDaysWorked <= 2) Then

    dblTotalPay += (intDaysWorked * decPenny)

    lblTotalPay.Text = dblTotalPay.ToString("C2")

    If (intDaysWorked >= 3) Then

    intDaysWorked = 2
    decLastPay += (intDaysWorked * decPenny)
    dblTotalPay += (decLastPay * 2)

    lblTotalPay.Text = dblTotalPay.ToString("c2")

    End If
    End If

    End Sub

    Basically this is what I'm getting so far:

    day 1 = 0.01
    day 2 = 0.02
    day 3 = 0.04

    next day 4 should equal 0.08 but it gets stuck at 0.04 and at anything above day 4.

    help anyone? Please

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    Re: Pennies for pay help

    What is the exercise supposed to teach you? Classes tend to cover various topics. If you are learning looping, then the solution should involve looping. If looping isn't the point, then there are other solutions, but what IS the point?

    This seems to be an excersize in looping, in which case there should be a loop in there, and you don't have one. With a loop, the code would do these things:

    1) Get the number of days.
    2) For x = 0 to the number of days minus one, get the pay for each day and add it to a running total.

    The pay for each day would just be 2^x cents. To turn that into dollars, you'd just do (2^x)/100.

    Why are you converting the total pay from a label into a double? Isn't the total pay the output that you want to display? Is there already some pay amount in the label that you have to add the new pay to?
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