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Thread: Run .Net Programs on Mac OS

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    Lightbulb Run .Net Programs on Mac OS

    Today i have heard that we can run .net exe files on Mac OS and Linux using Mono Open Source Project

    But i don't know how should i do that?!

    Is the mono something like Flash player or .net framework that the clients should install it on their os to run .net exe applications? or it's something different?

    did you work with MRE or MDK ?

    tnx a lot

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    Re: Run .Net Programs on Mac OS


    Mono has been around for awhile. It allows you to run some .net code on Linux. It is currently limited to framework 2.0. Here is a link to info on how Mono:


    Last week MS announced that they will make the core .net libraries open source which will eventually create a vast broad open source .net community targeting linux and macs. But this will not happen overnight. May take many months before anything of substance occurs.


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    Re: Run .Net Programs on Mac OS

    The only real option, currently, is to use Boot Camp or a virtual machine (Fusion or Parallels).
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