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Thread: Best wat to change color of an object in picture?

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    Best wat to change color of an object in picture?

    Hello everyone,

    I need to take a picture of the siding of a house and then change its color for sales. I know how to fill in a color but sometimes it does not come out so well. Either too much color that takes away from the lines or not enough. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this so it looks best? I wish I could apply a pattern or my own sidings to the picture but that would be tough determining this since every house is different with the siding.



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    Re: Best wat to change color of an object in picture?

    Hi Warren,

    When you say you know how to fill in a color, I take it that you mean using a flood fill algorithm to replace one specific color by another. Instead you could paint a partly transparent color over the area of the siding so that more of the original details show through. It could help to increase the contrast of the underlying image and/or to sharpen it up so that the lines and other details stand out better. These are tasks that you can do in a Paint program that supports layers, such as PaintDotNet, Gimp or Photoshop.

    Identifying the area to be recolored is the hardest part. Normally you would do that by hand using selection tools such as the "magic wand", and with practice you could get quite efficient at it. And once the outline is defined it shouldn't be to hard to fill the area with a pattern instead of a solid color.

    If you are well up on graphics programming you might consider making your own versions of the necessary paint program tools, optimized for your specific task. But it could take a lot of work to reproduce functions such as layering and the magic wand tool. In theory you could do it all in VB.Net but would it be worth the effort? There are freeware graphic SDKs such as ImageMagic (mostly in Csharp) that might help you to some extent.


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