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Thread: Naming convention for files and folders in ASP.NET

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    Question Naming convention for files and folders in ASP.NET


    Is there a recommended naming convention for files and folders in ASP.NET? If so, what it it? Is it CamelCase?

    So far, I've found this thread on the native ASP.NET forum. But it doesn't sound very helpful. Some people say "meh, naming convention is not that important", others reply "no, naming conventions are important" but don't say what the recommended convention for ASP.NET actually is.
    Of course, I can use standard VB notation for variables and method names inside the files.

    Any suggestion, insight or reference is really appreciated!

    - Nick

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    Re: Naming convention for files and folders in ASP.NET

    The actual used convention isn't important... you can camel case, sentence case, init case, or no case. The key is consistency. As a matter of habbit working on Unix/Linux based servers, which are case-sensitive, my personal "standard" is everything is lower cased - files and folders. Then I have my FTP client to force lower-case on any file I upload. Consistency, consistency, consistency. Pick a convention and stick to it. At the same time, don't be afraid to change if you find it doesn't work (I used to camel case until I got bit by the case after deploying to a server).

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    Re: Naming convention for files and folders in ASP.NET

    The key is consistency
    Yep, the other point i would make is readability!!

    i have often picked up applications written by others and i cant for the life of my understand why people refuse to give variables decent names.

    Name your variables after what you are using them for not something generic or horrid abbreviation

    e.g Your data is - 'Total Costs Including Vat' then name your variable TotalCostsIncludingVat NOT totcosvat or something else.
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