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Thread: Roman Numerals - Conversion to/from

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    Roman Numerals - Conversion to/from

    Code to aid in the conversion of standard Roman Numerals (1 - 3,999).

    Public Class RomanNumeral
        Enum Roman
            M = 1000
            CM = 900
            D = 500
            CD = 400
            C = 100
            XC = 90
            L = 50
            XL = 40
            X = 10
            IX = 9
            V = 5
            IV = 4
            I = 1
        End Enum
        Private Shared Translation As List(Of Roman) = [Enum].GetValues(GetType(Roman)).OfType(Of Roman).OrderByDescending(Function(t) t).ToList
        Public Shared Function ToRoman(num As Integer) As String
            Dim rv As New System.Text.StringBuilder
            For Each t As Roman In Translation
                If num <= 0 Then Exit For
                While num >= t
                    num -= t
                End While
            Return rv.ToString
        End Function
        Public Shared Function FromRoman(num As String) As Integer
            Dim rv As Integer
            For Each t As Roman In Translation
                If num = "" Then Exit For
                While num.StartsWith(t.ToString)
                    rv += t
                    num = num.Remove(0, t.ToString.Length)
                End While
            Return rv
        End Function
        Public Shared Function ToXMLTable() As XElement
            Dim root As XElement = <RomanNumerals></RomanNumerals>
            Dim entry As XElement = <number>
            Dim rv As New XElement(root)
            For x As Integer = 1 To 3999
                Dim ent As New XElement(entry)
                ent.<value>.Value = x.ToString
                ent.<roman>.Value = ToRoman(x)
            Return rv
        End Function
    End Class
    To test:
        Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
            Dim foo As XElement = RomanNumeral.ToXMLTable
            For Each xe As XElement In foo.Elements
                Dim r As String = xe.<roman>.Value
                Dim rc As Integer = RomanNumeral.FromRoman(r)
                Debug.WriteLine("{0,4} {1,-16} {2,4}  {3}", xe.<value>.Value, r, rc.ToString, rc.ToString = xe.<value>.Value)
        End Sub
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