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    Read-only column on GridView Row Editing

    Here's how to make a specific gridview column read only when a gridview row editing event has been triggered.
    See RowCreated event on making a gridview column read only.

    vb.net Code:
    1. Protected Sub gvDetails_RowCreated(sender As Object, e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridViewRowEventArgs) Handles gvDetails.RowCreated
    2.         For Each cell As TableCell In e.Row.Cells
    3.             If ((Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(cell.Text)) And (cell.Text <> "&nbsp;")) Then
    4.                 Dim fld As BoundField
    5.                 fld = DirectCast(DirectCast(cell, DataControlFieldCell).ContainingField, BoundField)
    6.                 If fld.DataField = "CustomerID" Then
    7.                     fld.ReadOnly = True
    8.                 End If
    9.             End If
    10.         Next
    11.     End Sub


    Sample Code: ASP.NET in VB
    - VS 2010
    - ADO.NET Entity Framework
    - Northwinds Database
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